Starts June 3, 2024 then every Monday until September 7, 2024
Time: to
Location: Henry S. Parker Complex 711 W Naylor Mill Road Salisbury, MD 21801

Class is held at the 7 1/2 Field at the Henry S. Parker Complex. This is more than a workout class it is a great way to meet other moms, let your kids play and move your body. All aged kids are welcome. First class is free and then you have the option to buy a monthly membership or a class pack. $45/monthly unlimited membership. $60/10 classes. $30/5 classes. $8/single class.

“Looking for community? ✅ A kid friendly workout program? ✅ Modifications for every level of fitness? ✅ Check out iStroll at Henry Parker Complex at 9:30 am. Your first class is free!”

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