Here are my favorite and most used newborn baby products!
I have linked everything below.

  • Sleepers These fleece sleepers I always gravitate to especially in these cold winter months. Also, they zipper from the bottom – that is key! I only use sleepers with bottom zippers especially during this newborn phase because it makes life ten times easier.
  • Cloth Diapers I use these ALL the time and no not for diapers. We use them for spit rags and under the changing mat. They are cheap and if they get gross after a couple washes I just throw them out. I keep them throughout the house in the diaper baskets we have. (I will share those as well!)
  • Baby Bath this baby bath has been my favorite one I have had for all 3 babies. They can use it from birth to 6 months. So you get your money worth. Makes it easy & safe to clean baby!
  • Bobby Baby Carrier this baby carrier is easy to get on yourself and very comfortable. The material is soft and stretchy which makes it comfortable. It is also more affordable than most baby carriers.
  • Cradle Cap System by FridaBaby this sponge, brush, comb combo is for “cradle cap” but I also love to use it in general for your babies hair/head.
  • Baby Bath Kneeler & Elbow Rest Set this is a must have to save your knees and elbows during bath time!
  • Tommee Tippee Pacifiers BPA Free. Stays in your babies mouth. 10/10 recommend.
  • Diaper Genie it speaks for itself. We have one upstairs and downstairs. We get the off brand diaper genie refills and they work just as well as the name brand.
  • Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is the best of the best!
  • Halo Bassinet is perfect for the newborn stage. The height is adjustable so it can be right beside your bed so you can easily see your baby. It swivels and adjust so easily to allow you to move around it. I love the two pockets on the sides to store burp clothes, wipes, diapers, etc.
  • Dr. Browns Bottles have been my go-to bottles for all 3 babies. They seem to be easier for them to adjust to from going to breast to bottle. They also easily fit in the diaper bag that I have.
  • Baby Nail Clippers so much easier to use then actual nail clippers on your babies itty bitty fingers!
  • SwaddleMe Swaddles do the job and are a great deal for the price. You get three for around $30 or less and they keep your baby nice and snug. The only downfall is they don’t zipper from the bottom. The halo swaddle does and we also like that one!
  • Babybjorn is an investment but I really do use it and feel like it’s worth the money. It has the proper head and back support for a newborn up until your baby is 2. I don’t use it that long but I have definitely gotten my moneys worth.
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